Thank you so much for dropping by. My name is Sian and I live in Dalkey, just a hop fro the city centre. It’s a small village on a tiny peninsula and feels like a million miles from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Friends Like Us is available from and Always And Forever is available to pre-order from They are light-hearted, funny, emotional stories which I hope you enjoy.

I am quite a make-y type of person and like to bake cakes (which I consume) and like to sew and craft things. Most are not very good but the cakes always get made. I may post some of these creations… which you can laugh at and pity.

But my most creative aspect is my writing. To be able to watch a world unfold, and worry about your characters and to make people laugh or cry, is the most wonderful thing. All of us are full of stories and ideas and the only thing stopping you writing is fear of not being good enough. I often think of the Bronte’s, in the cold, creating in tiny handwriting their incredible worlds. They were geniuses, true, but it shouldn’t stop the rest of us having a go.




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